The Journey Begins

We are pleased to say that I am really happy with this woofer set. I found this was a great price for a set of woofers, tweeters and crossovers, and even though I was just a little skeptical of their quality to start with, they are sounding amazing. Everything troubles me is that the tweeters sound very crackly and don’t fair well at high volumes. They also sound a little staticy and I cannot seem to be to isolate another source for the condition other than the tweeters themselves. I recommend that you order a separate pair of 4-Ohm tweeters along with this set in place. A price of 35 dollars is a bargain for the two woofers and crossovers however.

Various other things:
-The mounting holes on one of my woofers were offset by ~7 degrees or so, making the woofer look garbled in the mounting shape. I fixed this however by drilling new gaps so that it viewed right.

-Came with a pleasant set of wires with sockets for connecting the speakers to the all terain. The wire is real estate agent but only around twenty two gauge. It could probably warm up up if you were using high amperage to push 400 watts, but you shouldn’t run audio system to their ratings in any case, as you risk coming them out.

-Also was included with all the mounting anchoring screws and stuff for hanging the crossovers and the woofers. I’m still racking your brains on how to effectively install the tweeters however. There was some strange copper parts that I suspect were for this specific goal, but I just slice holes that snugly fit the tweeters and press-fit them in.

-The tweeters wheel around, swing around, turn around, spin around in a sort of ball socket, so you can direct requirements in any way you like. I found this following that and just glued them in one place, but i think if you ignore the quality of the tweeters sound, this could be useful.

So fundamentally to sum it all up, the price is great, and the standard of the woofers and crossovers is very good, but order a separate set of tweeters because they appear bad.

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